About SEDA

The Sitka Economic Development Association (SEDA) was established on January 23, 1997 by a committee of the Greater Sitka Chamber of Commerce in response to economic conditions in the years immediately after the closure of the local pulp mill in 1993.

For three decades the pulp mill provided employment for over 400 of Sitka's residents. These jobs accounted, directly and indirectly for 25% of Sitka's annual payroll.

SEDA is the only organization focused solely on economic development for the community of Sitka. The direct goals of SEDA's Economic Development activities are:

  • Creating living wage employment opportunities.
  • Growing the local economy by creating jobs that pay more than the current average wage.
  • Increasing private investment.
  • Expanding the City's tax base.
  • Maintaining a high quality of life for Sitka residents.

SEDA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations to SEDA are tax deductible and support SEDA's efforts to create and maintain an economy that provides a high quality of life for Sitka's residents.

SEDA has a volunteer nine member Board of Directors representing diverse sectors of the community including seafood, banking, real estate, insurance, transportation and retail.

SEDA has a full-time Executive Director and a part-time Administrative Assistant. These are the only paid staff.

SEDA has a contract with the City and Borough of Sitka to manage the marketing and development of property at the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park.

SEDA's on-going activities include:

  • Monitoring local, state and federal legislation that may affect Sitka.
  • Tracking economic data and identifying trends to assist local government and business leaders in their planning, policy and decision making.
  • Assisting non-profit organizations and local agency grant seekers by providing needed economic data and letters of support.
  • Identifying state and local business benefits and incentives.
  • Acting as a liaison between business and local government.
  • Supporting improvement and maintenance of vital community infrastructure.
  • Promoting a healthy business climate.
  • Retention and expansion of local primary industry and support industry.
  • Marketing and development planning for the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park.
  • Supporting development and maintenance of the foundational elements that support economic activity: reliable energy resources, housing affordable for the local workforce, marine infrastructure that supports Sitka's commercial fishing industry, transportation infrastructure (airport, marine highway, roads, and harbors), broadband communications, vital healthcare services, access to education, etc...
  • Supporting development and maintenance of community resources that provide for a high quality of life for residents and serve to attract new economic activity: redevelopment of the Sheldon Jackson College campus, expansion of Sitka Sound Science Center programs,

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