Description of landmarks goes from left to right.

Three Sisters Peaks - The Indian River Trail ends at an 80-foot waterfall at the base of the Three Sisters. This is a long, but moderately easy trail which passes through lush rainforest and an area of muskeg.

Mt. Verstovia - Mount Verstovia has a maintained, though "difficult," public trail to the summit. Elevation at the shoulder summit is 2,550 feet and is the final destination for most hikers. It is possible, though more difficult, to continue to the true peak of the mountain at 3,349 feet (this peak is also known as Mt. Arrowhead). Snow boarding, skiing, and other winter sports are very popular in the bowl east of the mountain and the trail to the summit is marked with reflective signs on tree trunks to help snow aficionados find their way up and back in snowy conditions.

Russian Bishop's House - The Russian Bishop's House was completed in 1842 and is a rare, surviving, example of Russian-American architecture. The building now houses a number of Russian-American era artifacts. Tours, conducted by The National Park Service, from May through September.

Sitka National Historical Park - The Sitka National Historical Park has a lovely wide trail for walking, with forest and ocean views and a collection of totem poles. There is a visitor center with displays and during the summer local Tlingit artists demonstrate some their traditional work. The park was established in 1910 to commemorate the 1804 Battle of Sitka which took place at the site of a Tlingit fort.

Crescent Harbor Crescent Harbor is Sitka's central harbor, located right along Lincoln Street, the main street of town.

Eastern Channel - Most of Sitka's visiting cruise ships anchor in the Eastern Channel and lighter their passengers ashore.

Harrigan Centennial Hall - Harrigan Centennial Hall is a civic, convention, and visitor center located in Sitka, Alaska. Best known as the venue for the Sitka Summer Music Festival, the Hall hosts many events throughout the year. The New Archangel Dancers perform here during the summer season. The Hall is also home to the Isabel Miller Museum with displays and artifacts about Sitka's history.

Sitka Public Library - Sitka has a great public library located on the waterfront. Public internet access is available. Kettleson Memorial Library

O'Connell Bridge - The bridge connects the main town Sitka on Baranof Island to Japonski Island. This was the first cable stayed bridge built in the Western

Sitka Lutheran Church - It was in 1839 that the Tsar of Russia approved the establishment of a Lutheran Church in Sitka.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral St. Michael's Cathedral is a fully functioning church and a monument to Sitka's colonial Russian history.