Business Development

SEDA's Strategic Plan for economic and business development focuses on areas of past success and those that are vital to the community.  However, there are many new areas of business development to explore in Sitka, such as, Home-health and assisted living facilities, mineral resource development, high value boat to table seafood and tailored excursions for visitors that want to experience an authentic Alaska vacation.  

Important Industry for sitka:

The Seafood Industry and Visitor's Industry, along with manufacturing for export, are all primary industries that bring new money into the local economy.  Therefore, even thought most of the jobs associated with these industries are seasonal, the economic activity these industries generate is vital to creating a stable and healthy local economy.

Sitka has an aging population. Healthcare proves to be a vital industry that adds to the quality of life for Sitka's residents.  Healthcare also provide good year-round jobs. University of Alaska, Southeast, Sitka campus has a Nursing Partnership Program that is offered every other year.

Education is also a primary industry in Sitka, with the Sitka School District employing nearly 220 people in 2015.   Local, State and Federal Government provide some of the highest paying jobs in Sitka and allow for secondary industries to be successful.

SEDA is the contact point for many people considering starting a business in or relocating a business to Sitka. Staff provide assistance through helping people make needed contacts and by providing background information when available. You can find more general information about starting a business in Alaska HERE.