Gary Paxton Industrial Park

In November 2016, the City of Sitka accepted a contract to build a deep water multi- purpose dock at the Gary Paxton Industrial Park. The primary floating dock will be a repurposed steel barge, 250 foot by 74 foot and will be accessible by a drive down ramp. This dock will allow Sitka to have true access to a deep water port.  Along with the dock will come a multitude of marine service business opportunities at the Gary Paxton Industrial Park.  The commercial fishing industry will be able to use the dock for boat maintenance and repair, this will create the need for additional marine services such as welding, electronics, fiberglass and outboard repair.  The dock will also accommodate additional freight service to Sitka.  The multi-purpose dock at the Gary Paxton Industrial Park is  completed and ready for reservations.  Contact the Sitka Harbor Department to reserve a time.  

The Gary Paxton Industrial Park deep water dock will be available for your marine industry needs in the Spring of 2018.  If you would like to learn more about the dock, availability and rates please call SEDA at (907) 747-2660.

Read Gary Paxton Industrial Park Tariff HERE

Business Opportunities to Consider Include:

  • Marine services that support Sitka's commercial fishing fleet and large number of private vessels
  • Manufacturing value added products utilizing young growth timber
  • Processing Sitka's large amount of seafood waste into a marketable product
  • A private marina for large commercial vessels and/or yachts
  • Manufacturing biomass energy products - woody biomass pellets for boilers
  • Specialty waters and beverage bottling plant
  • Vocational/technical training center for industrial careers
  • Use you imagination!  Contact SEDA

Park assets

  • Ice-free, deep-water access to the Great Circle Trade Route and Pacific Rim marine traffic
  • Abundant, high quality, fresh water for commercial or industrial use
  • Bulk water pipeline in place to the shoreline of Silver Bay
  • Hydro-power provides a clean, affordable, renewable energy source
  • Located just 237 nautical miles from the Port of Prince Rupert
  • Over 30 acres of industrial/commercial land available with utilities in place or nearby
  • Paved road access and newly paved roads within the Industrial Park
  • The Industrial Park is located within a federal HUBZone, providing advantages to federal contractors.