Gary Paxton Industrial Park (GPIP)

The Gary Paxton Industrial Park is located at the former Alaska Pacific Corporation pulp mill site on Silver Bay.  In November of 2016, the City and Borough agreed to accept a contract recommended by the SEDA board to build a 250 foot multi-purpose dock at the industrial park.  The dock allows for marine service on the fishing fleet, boat moorage, freight delivery capabilities and has the potential to be used as a small cruise ship dock.  The dock makes the industrial park easily accessible to deep water and will be the anchor for future marine service industries.  The multi- purpose dock at the Gary Paxton Industrial Park is completed and ready for reservations.  

The Gary Paxton Industrial Park deep water dock is open and available for your marine industry needs!  If you would like to learn more about the dock, availability and rates please call SEDA at (907) 747-2660.  To reserve the dock contact Sitka Harbor Department

How Seda is developing GPIP

  • Marketing the GPIP assets.

  • Negotiating leases and sales of property according to the highest and best use of that property.

  • Focusing on business development that results in the creation of new jobs and/or brings significant revenues to the City and Borough of Sitka.

When the City and Borough took possession of the GPIP in 1999 it was estimated to take twenty years before the Park was financially solvent. Since 1999 a lot of progress has been made toward that end.

Progress made at GPIP

  • Successfully negotiated a contract to build a million dollar multi-purpose dock at the industrial park, dock completed April 2018.

  • Removal of numerous pulp mill era structures

  • Hazardous waste removal and mitigation - recovery of the sea floor is years ahead of schedule

  • Platting of core Park lots

  • Paving of the main interior roads of the Park

  • Improvements to the portion of Sawmill Creek Road at the Park were completed in 2014

  • Sale of properties to private business

  • Lease of properties to private business

  • Development of the NSRAA hatchery site which is now active

  • Development of new business and expansion of business activity

  • $7.5 million has been secured for construction of a bulkhead dock

  • A feasibility study is underway to determine the viability of developing a marine services industry center and to help plan for that development

  • Since 2007, Silver Bay Seafoods, located in the Industrial Park, has grown to become the top property tax payer to the City. The addition of the seafood plant has increased the raw fish tax revenues paid to the City by a significant amount.